Can palliative care be requested if a patient is living in a Skilled Nursing Home?


My Mother is 91 years old, has Parkinson's disease. She has been confined to bed or a wheelchair for a few years now. She is still mentally sound pretty much. I am wondering if it would make sense to request Palliative Care so that she will have more attention and care since the nursing homes never seem to have enough staff to care for their patients.

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Yes, she can get a consult from a doctors order
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No, not hospice. I am referring to Palliative care. I am just wondering if it might be a benefit to her to have extra attention. I'm not sure how Palliative care works, but if it can benefit her
personally, I would like to consider asking for it, but I certainly don't want it to create a conflict with her existing care from the nursing home.

Any info will be appreciated. Thanks.
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My mom was on Palliative Care for several years in a NH until she was on Hospice.

What extra help have you been told will be given with Palliative Care, or are you referring to Hospice care?
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From my experience, Skilled nursing welcomes residents being put on hospice or palliative care. It's that much less work for them.
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Depends on whether the specific facility offers it. Ask the social worker. I got PC after the initial placement for rehab.

I think it was the best solution for us; he was already used to the facility; there were nurses and aides already on staff, and he didn't have to move to a different facility.
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