Can my soon to be husband apply for Medicaid?

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My fiance is currently hospitalized due to a stroke he had last Thursday. He does not have insurance, and has been trying to apply thru the hospital.

I have Anthem BlueCross through my job but do not plan on adding him.

We are getting married this evening, and I've heard that he will no longer be eligible once his status changes. Can someone help me understand?

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Delay your wedding until you understand the legal implications for both of you in regards to paying for his care. If you are significantly financially better off than he is you may find that your legal responsibility as his spouse will drain you of your money. Marriage doesn't just mean "I love you" means taking on legal support obligations for your spouse. Have you done any prenuptial agreements drawn up by a lawyer to protect yourself financially? Don't get married until you know what you are taking on. Your assets and income may make him ineligible for Medicaid because you have a financial responsibility for him and what you have will count.
Simmerset - please please follow VegasLadys advice. Marriage now means all debts & assets get co-mingled. He’s going to have a six figure hospital bill.... plus all sorts of post hospitalization rehab costs. His debt will become your debt if married. Your assets will become his assets.

Is this marriage tonite being done so you can be his health care proxy? If so get with social services ASAP to get paperwork for this to be done for you without being his wife.
Your fiance will not qualify for Medicaid because of your working income.
Agree with everyone above. The hospital will not deny him care - he is receiving it now. Take some time and think it over.
Why won't u add him? How old is he?
For Simmerset adding him onto her employer based insurance may not be the solution if the insurer is able to use preexisting exclusions. It’s not a ACA policy which prohibits preexisting discrimination to access. Anthem BC for her employer group may view payment on any billing for conditions prior to date of marriage & treatment related to those conditions even if after date of marriage as excluded from coverage for a period of time.

If so, all stoke hospitalization costs not paid by BC.
Rehab costs related to stroke - PT, OT, speech therapy - also not paid by BC.
But if he gets an ulcer couple of months after marriage, that’ll be covered as it’s new diagnosis unrelated to stroke. Insurers can be ruthless.
If their married, his debts are her debts unless there was some super tight / done by an atty valid prenuptial done & he was competent at the time to sign it. Not adding him to her insurance doesn’t shift financial responsibility to just him. Being married has all sorts of financial exposure. I know that sounds oh so cold & heartless but it’s got to be taken into consideration. It’s going to be more than likely in the six figures all in for the debt from his costs of care.

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