My father passed away in August and he was my mothers primary care giver. My father left my mother very comfortable. I have three sisters and two of them plus myself share caring for my mother. My parents had a trust which states that anything left would be split equally 4 ways, My youngest sister does not contribute at all to my mothers care. In fact, she only sees my mother once a month for 5 minutes and only lives 30 minutes away, where my other sisters travel between 1 and 3 1/2 hours. My parents have helped the youngest sister out financially for the past couple years, even buying her a 15,000 car, but since my Dad's passing her funds were cut off. If the remaining sisters document their time spent taking care of my mother, when she passes away can we be paid from her accounts first for care taking and then the remainder be slipt 4 ways. My mom is had a stroke 3 1/2 years ago, but has some long term affects, but right now she is suffering mainly from a broken heart after 62 years of marriage to my father and dementia is setting in. I don't want to pay my sisters and myself now, because I don't know what the future holds for my mom and how much care she'll need beyond us. My mother does not qualify medicaid, because of her financial status.

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Good advice from Jeanne.

See a lawyer about if a "personal services contract" for all of you can work. The ? I would have is how was the trust done and was it set up so that it isn't an asset for your mom as far as Medicaid is concerned. You need to speak with an elder care attorney to sort out what was done trust-wise. Just in case she ends up needing it. NH can be expensive (5 - 10K a mo) and depending on her medical needs could run even more. It's my belief that if they live long enough, they will eventually run out of $$ and the family & caregivers will run out of ability and a NH will be needed.
So it can be a good idea to plan ahead for Medicaid just in case.
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What you are wanting to do makes perfect sense to me. See a lawyer to have this set up.

But ... I think you should be paid as you go and not wait until her death. (If you want to you could set the money aside now.) If mother does eventually need more care and uses up her assets then she would qualify for medicaid. She would have to use up all her assets if that happens, and you will not get paid at all and there will not be an inheritance.

See a lawyer.
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