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Solari sent a donation to someone.
The someone wrote a thank you letter.
The POA accepted and acknowledged the thank you letter.
Solari thinks s/he ought to have been shown the thank you letter. I would tend to agree.

But has this actually caused a problem, Solari? Your POA was acting on your behalf, and presumably did eventually tell you about it. Had you meanwhile accused the donee of ingratitude, or had tax relief refused, or something like that?
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AlvaDeer Oct 2019
Yes, so agree it would have been nice to be acknowledged. I always think that if you can send anonymously that is really the best. You then do it purely to give with a giving heart, not in hope of getting something back, even if that getting is a thank you to make you feel better about yourself. It takes all the hope of "thanks" off the table, and it says "I give to you out of my love for you in your need, and with no hope of recompense in gratitude". That is the purest giving.
Yes, often we give to help us know we are "good" and in that case, the acknowledgement is crucial. For us. I say give freely, without expectation on how it will be used, and without hope of acknowledgement; it is the purest form in giving to others. No one enjoys taking "charity" from others. It is hard.
I know we mean well. Better to do well.
Mthr donated an endowment to the college where she once taught. She receives handwritten letters from the girls who are the recipients of her scholarship (a requirement for all scholarship recipients at this school). I have told the development office (that's who handles donations) that mthr cannot attend the scholars reception and meet the girls in person, but she loves to have these letters read to her. Development people pass on the word to the girls that they will not receive anything back, but the donor will take great pleasure in reading their story over and over. I plan to ask for them to send me these letters once mthr passes so that I can enjoy them as well. I don't feel there is any acknowledgement needed.
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valid for what? Taxes? I agree with AlvaDeer. Not certain what you’re asking
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I have no idea what you are talking about. Are you saying that you have a POA and that money was donated to you, and now you do not know who should thank the donor? I don't know really what the question is here at all. If someone has donated money to you anyone at all can assist you in a thank you letter. For instance "My Aunt Jan has asked me to assist her in writing to thank you for your generous donation to her care......and so on".
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