Can my 89 year old mom get housing with 1400 mo SS income ? Any SS benefits?


Need an independent living arrangement.

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You could look into HUD housing if she is still able to live independently, and just needs affordable housing. There are HUD apartment-type complexes that are reserved for senior adults.
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Correct, the yearly increase is all you get with SS and mine was taken up with the increase in Part B. Social Security gives no additional benefits.

Where I live in NJ we have Senior housing that HUDD oversees. Rent is by scale. Our housing figures 30% of total income so Mom would pay 420 a month. She would pay utilities. Call your County housing authority and ask if there is anything like that near you. Problem is, Mom would have to cook for herself. Independent living is different. They supply meals. You could check with the VA in yor County and see if she is entitled to any benefits.
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You can check with the Area Agency on Aging in your community to see what programs are available. She is above the income limit for any additional SSI, but she might qualify for senior housing. Your profile doesn't state where you are so it's hard to point you in a direction. Social Security will not pay any extra for living expenses, independent living or assisted living.
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