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Post hospitalization rehab is a MediCARE benefit.
The first 20/21 days in rehab is totally covered by Medicare 100%.
then afterwards Medicare covers 80% of the costs up to 100 days if she is progressing as denoted in her medical chart.

Doing rehab at home makes no sense to attempt to do imo.

those neices - unless they are PTs, OTs and have a full rehab set up with equipment in thier home - are NOT doing your sister a favor by “caring” for her at home.

And are NOT saving your sister $ as rehab is paid by MediCARE at either 100% or 80%. She has Medicare if she’s over 65 and she has been paying into Medicare via FICA during her working years. And if she has a secondary to Medicare insurance- like a Humana,or Blue Cross type of Medicare supplemental or even advantage policy - those usually pay the 20%. Btw the 20% is about $180a day.

At home rehab is a foolhardy idea.
And if rehab was written as needed in her hospitalization discharge orders and she isn’t doing rehab, she’s considered to be AMA- Against Medical Advice. Going AMA can have pretty serious consequences as often insurers will not pay for care for a period of time that arises from not doing whatever the discharge orders stated needed to be done.

Oh and what everybody else has posted about Medicaid is spot on. Paying a penny to those nieces will show up and place a transfer penalty on her Medicaid application unless she applies after October, 2023.
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Absolutely not. If they apply for Medicaid they will get caught during the lookback period. Parents money is for their care, not gifting or inheritances.
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Hide from whom ?

Her other greedy relatives?


The government?

No. Not if you’re planning on her applying for Medicaid in the next five years.
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ncglasses Sep 29, 2018
This question was for my cousin's mother who just broke her hip. My cousins are taking care of her instead of rehab. It was the mom's idea to gift the girls some money for taking care of her. Thanks for info.
NO! If Medicaid is ever needed and they find out that mother did this, it will mean Mom or Dad will not be able to get Medicaid. Knowingly hiding money is fraud. There is a 5 yr look back. They go thru 5 yrs of bank statements and if they see any big transfers, it will be questioned. Mom and Dads money is to be used for their care.
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