I finally got my mom approved for Medicaid (yay!) but I'm a little confused by the amount she needs to pay the NH every month.

Mom has a federal annuity and no SS. She grosses about $2936 but only nets $2384. She pays for her BCBS and federal taxes. Medicaid says she has to pay the NH $2732 every month.

Am I expected to make up the difference? Should I cancel her BCBS?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Medicaid co-pays are determined locally inside your county Medicaid office. So, contact that office, to verify the amount and to possibly have that amount re-calculated. She is allowed a very small allowance. In Colorado for example it's $84/month
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You aren’t personally expected to make up the difference. Is her net amount that low because she’s paying $600+ a month for BCBS? If she’s on Medicaid, you can probably safely drop her BCBS, Medicaid and Medicare should cover her medical expenses.
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monigon Apr 20, 2020
She pays roughly $253 for BCBS and about $300 for her federal income tax every month. That's why her gross income is $2384.

Thanks for responding.
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