Her only objection to the idea of assisted living is that she thinks she can't take her dog with her. One of the home health aides told her she could take her dog with her, but didn't give us any names of the facilities that would allow dogs. Any ideas would help!!! This is new territory for all of us. thanks, susan

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Many assisted living facilities welcome pets. Some even have a resident pet or two. Animals tend to be good for older people.

As for your particular situation, you'll have to check with the ALF you are considering. They may ask you if your mother-in-law is capable of take care of the pet's needs. Be prepared to answer how you would handle the pet situation if your she became too ill to care for her pet.

Go ahead and look at options for your your mother-in-law. Just use the phone book or search online for facilities in the area you are considering and then call. You'll find out quickly which ones will allow pets.
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Absolutely, I visit someone and know that particular facility allows small dogs. I believe they require you pay for dog walking services, I see aides walking dogs. Understandable as most elderly would be at risk in bending over to pick up after the pooch. They may also have some required grooming services.

This ALF is in Florida, but is part of a large company....Brookdale Living. It is a nice place, I assume their other properties are nice as well.

I think you will be able to meet your friends needs.

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