My mother has never received any type of benefit for my dad's service Army and Air Force WWII & Korea. She was born in 1936 and has never been ill until 06/01/17 when she had a stroke. We never thought we would need any type of help until now that she will soon reach her 100th day of Skilled Nursing. Medicare will stop the benefit on that day. Mom is paralyzed on the left side. Her left arm is improving but still no movement from her leg. None of us were prepared for this since never has she been sick. I am wondering if there are any benefits from my dad's VA would help with assisted living, continuing rehabilitation, anything. I may be the one to bring her home, but if she could get more rehab at least until her leg improves it would help me out. Dad died in 2005 and they had 10 kids, divorced probably in the late 1980's. Please advise. Thank you

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The divorce might be an issue. But contact your county, state or local VA office, ask for the eligibility department and pose the question to them. Or search online for the VFW or American Legion service officers and contact them.

Either could probably give you a quick answer as to your mother's eligibility.

In the meantime, ask the discharge planner or social worker at the facility to get a script for home health care. Assuming she has Medicare, she could get limited rehab help at home. That will give you extra time to find out about VA qualification.
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