Mom is in a memory care community. A resident slapped my mom’s hand (reason unknown), but my mom turned around and slapped her in the face.

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What are the staff doing about this incident?

It depends what you mean by trouble, exactly, but I would expect there to be a record of what took place somewhere; and the staff should now know to supervise the first resident's and your mother's interactions more closely. But in trouble? Like what? Was the first resident hurt, or more than briefly upset?
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musame Oct 2019
Maybe “trouble” isn’t the correct word.
I have been waiting for the Administrator to call me, he didn’t have a chance to see the report this morning when I met with him so he said he’ll review and speak with the Caregivers to understand what occurred and call me.
I just don’t want mom to be labeled as being mean or combative when she would never intentionally hit someone for no reason. The other resident slapped her hand first and my mom reacted by slapping her in her face.
When it occurred the Caregiver said there was no redness or swollen on either one of them.
Hate to say it but this happens a lot at my mom's memory care

men who don't speak but who are difficult to redirect bother others and those that are still vocal tell them to go away and they're then labeled as disruptive
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My mother became combative as dementia took hold of her. Her room was switched twice after she slapped her roommates because she was terrified of men and these roommates were women with short hair whom she thought were men. The staff handled it internally. Incident reports were filled out, if there was a need for first aid, it was given, and the staff was alerted to keep an eye on the perpetrators. Eventually, Mom was moved to the locked unit.
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