Survivors Benefits/Nursing Home Costs

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If the survivors benefit is monthly income to her, then she has to use this $ along with whatever other monthly income she gets to pay her required copay or SOC (share of cost) to the facility less whatever her state has as its PNA - personal needs allowance. PNA varies by state from $ 105 - 35. So like for TX, the PNA was $60 for my mom ; now mom got $800 SS & 1k retirement so every mo, I had to write the NH a check for $ 1,740 as moms SOC.

If it was a lump sump paid to her then it became an asset, and she has to spend it down with whatever other assets she has to get to Medicaid limits - this is usually 2k income & 2k assets but exact amount is set by your state. Like when I did my moms application in TX, mo income max was $ 2,064.00 & asset max 2k.

If mom has applied for medicaid, she should get an eligibility letter that states what the exact amount of her soc is.

If mom still has a home, car, insurance premiums, etc to be paid, she will have none - nada - zero of funds to ever pay on those items once on Medicaid. Often the whole required SOC comes as a surprise to family.
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This question has been closed for answers. Ask a New Question.
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