My mom put me on her bank account so I could handle her bills, etc. Not intending on giving me any of her money. I was told that this exposes all of my personal assets to Medicaid if/when she needs to spend down to receive benefits. Is this true?

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1. Never mix any of your's and Mom's money in an account.
2. Never transfer any of Mom's money to your account or another family member
3. Keep receipts for all of Mom's expenses.

If you follow these rules AT ALL TIMES, you should be OK
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As long as mom’s accounts are ONLY her money, not an issue. Your just a signature on it. It’s still in mom’s SS # as owner.

What you do NOT want to happen is for you to have any of your income sources ever go into one of her bank accounts. Absolutely NO co-mingling of assets as whatever is in her account will be viewed as all hers by Medicaid. Also co-mingling assets - like mom has her SS monthly allowance going to this account - is not allowed by SS & if they find out will make you go the representative payee system for SSA..... your dpoa is tits on bull useless for SSA as they don’t recognize POA. Again NO co-mingling. 

Do make sure that bank has a good dpoa for you & your current on the signature card for all accounts; perhaps have checks done with both your names printed; and get all accounts to be POD to you (or whomever will do executor duties) so when she dies all shifts to you & seamlessly and you’ll have the $ to use for after death costs like funeral, probate, etc. & with checks to be able to use to pay.
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