82-year-old woman can't walk, recent strokes. In reviewing her 5-year financial history, Medicaid found that she paid me for doing extensive work on her home in 2016 in order to get it sold. I didn't keep receipts because had no reason to at that time. Now Medicaid is calling the check written to me a "gift" and wants to penalize her for 4 months of nursing care payment. They won't pay for her care until June. Can nursing facility put her on the street?

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I think this is a question for the Admittance office. It may be private pay for the 4 months. I like TNtechies Idea too.
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Did you purchase materials using a credit card? Or an account at Lowe's, Home Depot, etc.? If so, they may still have a record of your purchases. Did a neighbor or real estate agent see you doing the repairs or that repairs were done to the house? Do you have photos that would show the state of the house prior to the repairs? Did your mother get an estimate on the work from someone else prior to you beginning work? If you can provide some documentation that the money was spent on home repairs Medicaid will probably reverse the gift ruling.

I don't think the NH can street Mom, but I believe they can sue you for the bill if you are named in the Medicaid finding. NH can refuse to re-admit her if she needs hospitalization for a couple of days.
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