We live in Canterbury Towers, Tampa FL.

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From someone who will get a raging migraine from inhaling secondhand cigarette smoke---I have thoroughly appreciated the "no smoking" bans in effect. I couldn't even go to dinner and flying somewhere in a plane that was basically a giant cloud of cigarette smoke--well, I'd be livid if my next door neighbor was smoking on their small balcony adjacent to mine.

Your daughter is 100% in the wrong, but perhaps she can appeal to management and ask where the appropriate place for her to smoke IS? I imagine it's more than 50' from the property--but then it may be too close to another smoke free building.
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A permanent ban seems a little extreme.

If your daughter has already knowingly breached perfectly clear rules about not smoking anywhere within the boundaries of this facility, then I'm sorry to say it but she really hasn't a leg to stand on. What part of No Smoking did she find ambiguous?

I am a smoker. I now rent a house where not smoking or allowing anyone else to smoke in the house is part of the contract. If I can cope with this where I live, and I am 100% compliant, she could surely to God cope with not smoking for the limited time while she was visiting you.

If I were in her position, I would apologise to Canterbury Towers's management, explain my misunderstanding of the "no, not even in the open air on the top floor" aspect, and offer an undertaking not to break the rules again.

She is in the wrong. If she wants them to reconsider the ban, she's the one who has to give ground.
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Does this facility's contract have a clause that a visitor can be barred if the visitor smokes on the balcony? This may be a feasible clause because of second-hand smoke filtering into neighboring apartments. Check with the facility's manager who should point out the clause if there is one or discuss why your daughter was barred.
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