My mother was diag by a neurologist with Lewy Bodies Dementia 3 years ago. Definite paranoia causing her to live in fear, and hallucinations which also cause her fear. Short term memory loss. She lives alone w/family nearby and plenty of visitors. Plus a NEST camera (w/her approval) where we can keep an eye on her. She believes these delusions and hallucinations to be very real, of course. And it’s heartbreaking. To help her feel safe, she went to my brothers for 2 months. No hallucinations or delusions. Back home, she’s starting to have them again. Can that truly happen with LBD that they disappear for such a long period of time?

I think you may have mistaken posted your questions twice? I recall answering this earlier today. Yes, hallucinations, esp Lewy's type, can worsen with anxiety, can come and go, can get better and worse. It may be not a good thing for your Mom to live alone now.
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