My sister has moved my mom miles away and this is third time she has done this to stop me from seeing Mom. She has lied and involved my children in them, stating my son at 11 was trying to kill his nan, but my sister used my son day and night to stay at his nans when my she couldn't be bothered. She is using next of kin to stop me, my children and anyone who may tell me how Mom is or take pics to give me. I was told by a clerk at the hospital when she stopped us going onward that by law she cannot stop me as a daughter, but she has labeled me as a risk. My mom has COPD and numerous health issues with vascular dementia. I have told the home about the lies and they are shocked, but won't get involved and I don't want to travel miles to not see my mom. I've had to before and it killed me. Best is, my sister has taken a lot of cash from mom's banks and my dad's that should have been shared and from her brother-in-law. I have been made aware my dad made a policy of £60,000 for myself him and the sister that neither of us have seen, but coincidently the same after bought a house for exact same amount of cash that in total is missing. My mom does want to see us all, she has said that on phone, but my sister has now stopped us talking on phone and we now can't hear mom's voice.

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my dad passed time back and funds meant for others dissappeared and my uncle being ill it would let him do things with his grandkids he cant afford normally. In response to the sister believing stories, no...the sister has detested me all her life and not jst now that shes lied and its not jst to mom. She has lied all her life and she believes her lies. she has put up status mnths back saying mom had finally gone to my dad bt it was false, my children were heartbroken.. then a ex carer for mom spoke to us and said mom was alive. its evil n so is stopping family seeing mom before she is gone. Its been me all her and my dads life thats been there f9r them, my sister couldnt be bothered, she was too wrapt up in having go at me for being there. What is she achieving by stopping me being there with MY mom? my eldest sister past and i found out the day before she was buried. The sister knew but didnt inform people knowing a lot of live miles away and couldnt see my elder sister daily. Pls dont make excuses for her behaviour because there is no excuse for lying abt death, stopping family seeing their mom or being informed of others deaths. Mom is close to tge end n i know im not gna know when shes gone or get to say my goodbyes when shes you know how hard that is? i held my dad till his last breath n promised id look after mom as he asked me to but now cant, how hard that is to feel i broke my word bt its the sister stopping me...shes took care over n then posted on fb that i could have her back???? wtf after a year because mom was isolated, depressed n lost where the sister placed her...funny i was good enough to pick up the peices then, evil to use mom to get at 4kids spent everyday with both grandparents n jealousy once again off the sister stops THEIR rights...shes not god, it grieves me my mom loses out
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Precious31, with dementia there is sometimes a phase where the person will make up stories about someone that aren't true. The wilder the stories the more attention the person will get. I am wondering if your Mum is at that stage and your sister is believing her?

As for your sister using funds from your parents account, it is expensive to live at a hospital [probably long-term-care] unless things are different in your country. Does your Dad need caregiving?
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