My mom is in nursing home and tells me and family she wants to go home. But the facility says when they ask her she says no she didn't want to leave. I have a recording of her saying she wants to go home, needs to get out of there and to get someone to get info about her leaning.

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Why do you want to bring her out of the facility and why is she there in the first place? Was she placed in the facility because there was no one who was equipped to care for her in their (or her) home? Has that now changed? Where will she go when and if she leaves, to someone’s home or to another facility? If she’s going to someone’s home, is their home completely handicap accessible and is that
person fully and completely aware of what is involved in caring for a person with dementia—meaning are they prepared to do the work of 3 shifts of caregivers around the clock, seven days a week?

Almost everyone on this forum who has posted about putting their loved one in a facility writes to say their LO talks of nothing but coming home. They feel sad and guilty and wonder if they should bring their LO home just to stop the feelings of guilt and sadness. But, sometimes (more often than not) a facility is the best place for their LO to be.
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If your mother has an Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis, the recording means nothing. And it doesn’t prove you didn’t coax her in to saying she wants to leave.....
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Hold your horses a minute.

People tend to tell other people what they think those other people will like to hear. So *obviously* your mother is not going to say to the staff: "your facility stinks, I hate it, I'm going home now." That explains the difference between what she tells them and what she tells you.

But exactly the same applies to you. If you and other family members are offering to take her home, or asking her if she's happy or if she misses her home, then again of course she's going to say what she thinks you expect her to say.

There are two key questions:

Who is in charge of deciding where your mother should live?
Why is she currently in a Nursing Home?
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