Can I sell my mother's house for $75,000? Will she lose her Aid & Attendance?

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Aid & Attendance asset/income limits:

To qualify for the Aid and Attendance benefit and other pensions, the VA will look at the applicant’s overall assets and net worth in addition to their income. The primary home, household, items, personal effects, and vehicles can be excluded when determining net worth. The VA pension eligibility is based on a verifiable estimate of the applicant’s future income and care needs.

This differs from Medicaid's asset test, which "looks-back" at an applicant's past asset transfers for up to 5 years preceding their application. At present, the VA does not have a look-back period, although legislation has introduced proposing a 3 year look-back.

A veteran’s net worth, according to the VA, includes assets in bank accounts, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and property other than the veteran's primary residence and vehicle.

It is worth noting that there is no hard limit to the asset threshold allowed. The VA is looking at whether your income and assets are substantial enough that the veteran or spouse could live off of them for a considerable amount of time. The VA takes in to account the veteran's age, his or her care expenses and life expectancy. Veterans with high net worth have been approved and veterans with low net worth have been denied.

If one's assets are above 50K, it is strongly recommended that they consult with a veterans' pension planner prior to application to ensure the greatest possibility of acceptance.

The house is excluded from consideration as an asset, but if you sell it, then it may be considered cash assets that could pay for care. I wish I had a better answer for you, but the answer seems to be "she might lose A&A, she might not." If she's ALREADY qualified, however, does she have periodic reviews where you have to submit financial info? I'm not familiar with the process. I'm wondering how VA would know that your mom's house has been sold. 
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Is $75,000.00 market value for the house? If not, I would not sell it. That would impact eligibility for other programs including Medicaid.
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mcmjcm, I am moving your post back closer to the front of the forum. Hopefully a caregiver who is familiar with Aid & Attendance will be able to answer you.
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