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Go with your parents and ask if you can come in to speak with the doctor. If your parent gives permission in the doctor's presence, then yes you can. Ask your parents if they will include you on the HIPPA form
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Hello Linda,

Are you asking if your parents doctor can talk to you about their health? If that is your question, the answer would be if you have a Healthcare POA, then yes, if your parents have signed a document at the doctor's office giving permission for the doc to speak toyou yes. Otherwise no it would break HIPPA rules.

However, you can talk to the doctor about your concerns, the problems you see them having, the little incidents that they are not sharing. You can tell the doctor you do not think they are safe to drive and give examples of why that it.

With my former mil, we had the same GP. When she started to slip, I brought a note to my own appointment to give the doctor. I told him, I understood that he could not talk to me about his patient, but as family I had concerns that he should be aware of. He thanked me for the information and I do know that he followed up on it.
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