I am my mother’s POA. The document gives me POA for both financial & health care decisions. My brother’s actions messed up her finances, so I want to resign financial, but not health care, responsibility?

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Sternotherus, You wrote on March 21, 2019:
“I am writing & sending POA resignation this weekend.” 


What happened when you wrote that letter and sent it to your Sister?  Did your Sister refuse to be Financial POA?  Did your attorney say that you could not resign as Financial POA since your Mom is in a nursing home and might not be competent enough to “choose or appoint”” a different Financial POA?
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Sternotherus, yes you can resign as financial Power of Attorney, but your Mom would need to find someone to take over that position. As long as your Mom is still sharp, she can have an Attorney draw up two new Power of Attorney, one for health care, and one for financials.

Now, who would Mom pick as your replacement on the financial side? If Mom has a lot of assets to deal with, she could pick a professional such as an Accountant or CPA to help keep yours brother's hands off of Mom's money. It's harder to ask for money from a CPA and they aren't afraid to say "no". Please note, there would be a hourly or by case cost depending on how much work the Accountant or CPA is required.
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