I take care of my 82-year-old dad that is a Marine.

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It's called aid and attendance, and the intention for aid and attendance is to allow him to stay in Residence with you or in another facility so that all he can maintain a lifestyle fitting and be financially stable.

While the money is to go to him, the intention is for him to it to pay caregivers,  So in essence you are getting paid or at least his money's are going towards living and care expenses.

Google VA Aide and Attendance FULLY DEVELOPED CLAIM (FDC), as this is the fastest route to go in order to claim those pension benefits for him. There is about a 12-page Forum, including financials and you will need his service discharge papers. He needs to have been in the service during active wartime, including either World War II the Gulf War Vietnam, and or the Korean War, but only need to have served one day in any of those conflicts as well of course the financially deserving of the pension benefits.

The VFW, have people who can help you complete the forms, you can do them online, or you can hire a veteran attorney who can assist you with the completion of these forms as well.

I did this for my father-in-law, and he qualified for the full monthly pension benefit of 1,785 dollars per month, and when you do get the FDC turned in, the VA back dates his benifit to the month in which you applied, and a FDC takes about 3-4 months to go through, our only took 7 weeks!

Good luck, as it's a little known benifit, and many who do qualify, do not seek out this benifit, which can go a long way in a Assisted living monthly fees, or even allowing you to keep him in your home. But do get help in completing the forms, we used a VA Certified Attorney, who we paid 700 dollars to help us do this right. Money well spent! Good luck!
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I do not believe there is any program to pay a caregiver.

The VA will send nurses and other professionals to the home to help your Dad...but...beware....they will bill for these services, and it isn't cheap.

Most family member caregivers are not paid for their caregiving. Those who are...get the payment from their parents.
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