Not to mention I don't work full time anymore.

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Are u living with Mom. If not, is the house costing more to keep up than Moms income. Maybe its time to sell the house and find an independent living or Al. I live in NJ. It has the highest taxes in the US. If my Mom was trying to live in her house now, she wouldn't be able to. Her taxes alone would have drained her.

There is no agency who will pay for regular living expenses. If Mom is considered low income, then you can check with her utilities to see if she qualifies for low income discounts. Check with the tax office to make sure she has taken advantage of all discounts they give to seniors. Like tax freeze, military discount, applying for any state refunds. My Mom got a $250 discount a year on her water bill.

For care, see if she qualifies for homecare thru Medicaid. Call your O of Aging and see what programs they offer. Meals on wheels.
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Why are you paying for your mother's expenses?

What are your mother's resources? Social Security, pension, savings?

Is she on Medicaid?

In some places, there are Medicaid Waiver programs that will allow a family caregiver to be paid a small stipend, but it is not a living wage.
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