I had put aside some of my Mom’s SS to pay some outstanding taxes. It is still in her bank. The nursing home has not yet gotten SS to go directly to them. Can I use what’s left in my Mom’s bank account to pay the taxes? If not, will the IRS come after the house, which Mom co-owns with my brother? Thanks.

I would say the answer is no. If an IRS debt, you may need a tax lawyer especially if Mom is on Medicaid and her house in joint ownership.

If on Medicaid, you have spent down to 2k or below. This money can only be spent on her needs. Doctor bills incurred before Medicaid. No property taxes can be paid, utilities, or upkeep. This is now brothers responsibility. If she is private pay with Medicaid in her future, her money can only be used for her care.
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Sternotherus Dec 3, 2018
Thanks JoAnn29. It is an IRS debt but we have no money for a tax lawyer, so I guess we’ll see what happens.
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