My dad passed away in October 2018. Mom 81 has advanced stage of Alzheimer’s and moved in with me and my husband in December. She needs someone with her 24/7. Previously was living with another sibling out of state.
I am mom guardian and I charge of her finances. Can I pay myself for her room/board and caregiving without having to go through the courts? Even though it seems odd.

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No, once you are a guardian, any payments to you must be approved by the courts.
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Ahmijoy Aug 18, 2019
Oops. Sorry. Missed the guardian part.
Yes you can, but since Mom is not competent to sign a Caregiver’s Agreement, you may need to enlist the services of an attorney. If she ever comes to the point of needing Medicaid, if there is no paperwork in place and you cannot prove that the money you paid yourself was for taking care of your mother, she could be denied because it will be assumed by Medicaid that she gifted you the money.
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Debbie31 Aug 18, 2019
Thank you...this makes sense. Must be what the Elder Law attorney was speaking of.

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