I recently had to put my mom in an assisted living facility, she has dementia (I have a POA), I wondered if I could give her mobile home to a friend of hers that was helping take care of her without hurting her chances of getting Medicaid when her savings runs out? If I get rid of the mobile home that would help extend her savings.

As Worried said, Medicaid has a five year look back. What I would do is find out what the Trailers Market Value is. It maybe affordable for the friend, if not then sell it. Put the money aside for Moms care. The money is for Mom.

Its a nice gesture but will effect Moms Medicaid iif she needs it within the next five years. Unless, ur from a State that only goes back 3 yrs.
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You can’t give away the mobile home if she will need Medicaid in the next 5 years.
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