Mom recently had surgery and was in a rehab facility for 2 months. She requires a lot more care now since she has come home. She has c-diff and inflammation of the colon to mention only one of her medical problems.
I would like to know if I would be eligible to get paid for her care and how would I go about getting paid for taking care of her. I sure appreciate your time and trouble in looking in to this if you are able. Thank you so very much.

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Your question is quite common, but frankly we come back with the same answer. Your mom can set up a contract and pay you if she has funds. If she has less than $2000, then she can apply for Medicaid services. Generally some care can be provided for her. You might check with your local social services to see if the state provides any funding.
There is no application for you on this forum which is international. We just share recommendations to questions.

As for what others are urgently posting, take all personal information of of your profile and posted question. You can keep your town and state but there may be predictors here.
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