Can I do for my father (home caregiver) and they will pay for me

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Call the Region 1B Area on Aging. Its in Southfield. Ask to speak with a Medicaid specialist and have them help you with a Medicaid waiver application. You can get paid through those services. You dad will get a certain amount of hours based on needs and you can be paid a reasonable wage as long as you are not acting POA. In your area, it would be $12 to $15 max now. In January, minimum wage increases to $12 an hour so I would ask for 15 to 20 and you will be entitled to accrued sick days, so a backup plan is needed. You are paid through a fiduciary so payroll taxes are taken out. You are also required to take a CPR and First Aid class to qualify.

Oh, and if you personally get Medicaid, you need to file for a waiver of work requirements as a caregiver with documentation or you will lose coverage.
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Hi, Mazen. I'm afraid if family caregivers are paid, it is usually by the person needing care themselves, out of that person's income and savings. I see you're in Michigan. If your dad is on Medicaid, I would research if Michigan has a program to pay family caregivers of Medicaid patients at home. Also, is your dad a veteran? That may be another possibility. Does he happen to have a Long Term Care insurance policy? Some policies will pay a family member for care.

I hope you can find some answers and assistance for your situation.
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