I have moved in with my 84 mom, I am looking for job but I also am doing all for my mom how can she pay me? She has makes too much for medicaid. She owns house still has drivers license but I wont let her drive and she hasn't appointed anyone POA or put anyone on house and needs to redo will, I am the youngest of 4 and the only one that helps. I have uprooted my life and job to come stay with her, I know a little about when she shouldnt stay home alone, and she shouldnt. I was a Director of Activities in a nursing home so I have been in one for five years, she is on medicare, has two pensions and gets ss so she makes pretty good money doing being retired. She needs to appoint someone POA. Do you have any suggestions?

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See an elder law attorney or there are POA forms you can fill out online. What type of POA are you looking to do, and do you want to be designated as that? Also you asked can you be paid for caring for her, is this why you are seeking the POA? To my knowledge there isn't any true funding from outside sources to pay caregivers. so the best thing for you to do is once a financial POA or DPOA is established, get a personal care agreement between you and your mom stipulating what you are being compensated for doing for your mom. Hope this helps.
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