I help take care of my mother who has brain damage and front temporal dementia. She lives by herself at this moment still. I take care of all her finances and drive her to appointments. When I need to take off of work can I get paid? I have no PTO left.

No siblings near by, huh. What type of appts does she have? I cut back on Moms. Her PCP had her coming every 2 months. A friend worked for him and even questioned why she was there again, I said have no idea and if he says "why are we here today" she won't be coming back until she needs to. He did ask and I didn't take her back. They only need to see a doctor every 6 months for med refills.

Her lower/upper GI doctor she was going to because of a thickness in the top of her stomach that the hospital felt needed looked at. Dr felt it was caused by Gerd. We went back every 6 months. No change, so we went to a year. Same with her thyroid Dr. started out reg visits until her numbers were under control. Visits went to a year every six months labs.

Some of Moms visits were just to go over lab findings. If this is your Mom, ask if you can be called with the findings that its hard for you to get off work. You are not paid when u don't work.

My opinion, Medicare allows them to bill for "follow ups" so they have you come in again. This doesn't mean you have to.

I also had Moms PCP go over her meds. She was on a med for fast heartbeat. Not needed once she was on Thyroid meds. There was others, can't remember which.

You are very lucky that your Company allows you to take time off over what they allow. The last Co. I worked for you were written up and I know one woman was let go.
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thank you. But I would never ask my mother for money. even if she had it. She is disabled and I end up paying for some of her bills anyway. Which is fine, she's my mom ya know.
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lorirozelle, I had to take a lot of time off work for both my parents, going to and from doctor appointments, and other professionals. I used up all of my vacation days, and all of my sick days. I refused to touch my FMLA [family medical leave]. So there were numerous times when I had half days that were not paid by the company.

Now, if I had used my own vehicle to drive my parents, they would offer to pay for filling up the tank. They just didn't understand the concept that "time was money" in my career.

I had to try to schedule appointments back to back for my parents so I wouldn't need to have to take yet another half day off.
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lorirozelle Feb 21, 2019
thank you. yeah I use my own car as well. I don't want to touch my FMLA either.  I do schedule her appt's back to back as much as I can. Work has to find me coverage when out and it is really hard.
probably only if she can afford to pay you.
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