My father is 81 living with his disabled grandson. He has had three strokes and he does some housework but it's just not enough the house is a wreck. Dirty and clutter. My husband and I try but it's just impossible for us. I've looked into agency for the elder and VA but they're not any help. So, I thought because he doesn't have a lot of money and Medicare only pays for short term if I could find someone to live with him and take care of him for room and board? I'm at my wits end. Any suggestions would help?

Is your dad a veteran? Did you apply for Aid and Attendance?

Does the disabled grandson have a caseworker? S/he may be aware of housekeeping/homecare services that he is eligible for.

Finally, have you applied for Medicaid?
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No you cannot provide only room and board. Your state's DOL website can tell you the specific requirements for your state.

A caregiver is a W2 employee so you would be required to become an employer. The employee would be non-exempt which means that there is no salary, standard wages and overtime rates apply according to the FLSA. In addition, an employer provides workers compensation, not the employee. An employee contract which states days off etc is not a legal requirement in most states.

How much income does your father receive per month and what are his assets? He may be able to get in-home services through Medicaid or placement on a facility.
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Where is the disabled grandson in all this - is he not able to help at all, or are you looking for a caregiver for both of them?
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This is asked here regularly and what you are asking for is modern day slavery.

Caregivers deserve to be paid a living wage and by law in most jurisdictions. Offering room and board only is not a living wage. How would the person meet their own financial needs, health care, workers compensation etc?

When people hire live in staff, they have to provide a contract that states hours of work, days off, wages, etc.
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UsedupDIL Feb 5, 2019
person would have to have a salary in addition to free room and board. Also have to have regular days off every. Indentured servitude is not legal in the United States.

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