I moved in with her over a year ago to help her and I was working at the time. Six months ago I lost my job. I was going through a tough time with her, had a bout with cancer and was making mistakes at my job due to my stress. My unemployment just ran out and I need to pay for my car payment, insurance, etc. My mother is not doing well at all right now and shouldn't be by herself. She doesn't have the type of insurance to cover an outside caregiver. She says I am using her memory against her, accuses me of taking anything she can't find, calls family members and tells them I am doing all these things to her and she has gotten physical with me a few times. I am very worried that I am going to have a nervous breakdown between what I am going through with her and my financial situation. Thank you in advance for any advice!

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Here is a phone number that can help get you started finding the Area of Agency on Aging (AAA) that serves your area.
AAAs offer aging services, including:
- Information and Assistance
- Care Management
- Nutrition Services (i.e., Meals on Wheels)
- Legal Assistance
- Services for family caregivers through the Family Caregiver Support Program (FCSP)
State Division for Aging Services website links to 4 AAAs and also provides information about all state aging and caregiver programs.
To find your local AAA call: (919) 855-3400
Caregiver Eligibility:
Care Recipient Eligibility:
Anyone age 60 or older (link is external)
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There are some resources that differ by state. The first is always the one receiving the care. Call your Area Agency on Aging for what is available in your area and the rules to qualify.
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