Weird question I know but so is my mom was finally diagnosed w dementia 2 days ago. After years of asking for help, writing letters to her attorney & doctor and several conversations, it actually took an ER visit and trip to another hospital. Mom has a mass on pancreas and now has pancreatic cancer. However, while she was there her actions and state of mind was much worse than ever and it didn't take long for a good doctor to diagnose her w frontal-lobe dementia ( I believe that's it). When I called the attorney's office to let them know, I asked if I could have them put some of the 5,500.00 they collected for house pymnts, into mom's account if needed so I could make final arrangements? I was informed that they had some things to finalize as well! I handle all her bills, etc and the attorney does nothing! He underhandedly got on with me as POA, the ONLY time I didn't go with mom to see him! I can only imagine that he is going to present a bill for most of that money for handling her affairs? Mom tried to get the money a couple times before she got sick and they couldn't give her a check for one reason or another. And she has asked what she owes him as recently as 2 mo ago and the answer was always ...nothing! So if he hands her a final bill when she tries to collect her money again, can I fire him since he will be paid in full?

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Yes she does want to. She is competent enough but he got a letter from his "buddy" the doctor, to say that in her mental state, the POAs should step in and take over her finances and such. This happened when she asked for the $5,500.00 they had of hers. He would never ask the doctor before when I was trying to get some help (meds, support) for her! Thanks for your response. I think I knew better, just mad and ranting.
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If mother appointed him as her POA, only she can remove him as her POA. Does she want to do that? Is she mentally competent enough to understand what that means?
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