Money is said to be gone and no explanation by POA, caretaker.

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Are you saying the PoA doesn't know where the money allegedly went? Or that they are not giving you (or any other close family member) an explanation? Is the PoA and caregiver the same person? Who is telling you the money is gone?

The PoA is not legally obligated to tell you anything. If you have any real reason to suspect financial abuse, you should engage an attny who specializes in elder issues. Financial abuse of the elderly is extremely common, even by family members. If you find there is/was abuse you may need to pursue guardianship to take back control of the situation. We had this happen to our family by a very "well loved" privately hired caregiver. Good luck!
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Can you get bank statements! Is caregiver a stranger or family member? You have to see if this caregiver/poa is committing a fraud/scam.
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worriedinCali Aug 2019
You also have to see that they aren’t doing anything wrong. If there is an POA, chances are the OPs parents require care and that’s where all their money is going.
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Sisandborn, we need more information. Curious as who told you the money is gone? Was that something that one of your parents had told you? What are your parents health issues, especially when it comes to memory?

Sounds like whomever is the caregiver is also the Power of Attorney? Am I reading that correctly? Is the POA one of your siblings, or another family member?

Once we have more info, we would be able to better able to answer your question :)
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