Can I charge my sisters for a third of the portion I spend each month to care for my father?


My mom died in 2015, and then came to find out my parents were financially ruined. We had to sell their double wide and my dad moved in with me abs my family. He is using a portion of his ssi to pay for my mom's funeral abs then will start paying for his own. He has some money left from the monthly ssi for food, gas, cigarettes, etc. But, towards the end of the month, that money is gone and then I have to buy him whatever he needs. I take care of him with no help from my sisters, take him to his drs appointments and such. I'm the only one of the three of us that had a job. Can a send them a monthly bill for av third of what I pay our each month? And have them start to help posing for my dad's services as well? God forbid he dies in the best future, there world be no way I could afford a funeral myself.

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See if the State of PA has an elder service like Michigan does - the Elder Law of Michigan agency is a clearing house for a lot of services for the elderly - food stamps, utility shutoff protection advice, etc.

Also contact your city/township senior center and ask what services might be available to you.

And as FF suggests, cut out the cigarettes. If you're in a situation where neither of you have enough for necessities, the cigarettes should be the first to go, not to mention they'll cost both of you in the long run because they're so toxic.
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Can you charge them? No. They would have to agree to contribute. I hope they do, but there is nothing that would require them to. I hope you are persuasive!
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Make a list of all of Dad's expenses, I bet when Dad sees how much things cost when totaled up over a span of six month or a year, he might decide to cut back.

Example, in Pa the cost of cigarettes average $6.85 per pack... pack a day x 30 days would be $205.50 for the month... so far this year that would be $1,233 since January. Or Dad can cut back on something else if he feels he really needs to smoke.

I am afraid if you ask your siblings to chip in, they would want to see an itemized list of every dime spent, and will ask why was this needed or that needed.

Depending on where you live, would there be any chance your Dad could get food stamps to help with the groceries? Check your county social services to see what is available.
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You can send them a bill if you like. However they are under no obligation to pay it. Children are not required by law to take care of their aging parents. Even in filial states (states with laws that force children to pay for unpaid nursing home bills etc.) it is extremely hard to get a judgement...only in the case of fraud is this law upheld.

What would be better if you called a family meeting and asked them to chip in explaining his needs and bills as well as income. They may surprise you. But you can't rely on it.

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