Can I cash my mom's check since she was deemed incompetent?


My mother is 61 with paranoid schizophrenia. I was named her POA in 2010 and her health care surrogate in 2016. She was living in a nursing home in WV but has been in ICU on a vent and now a trach for the past month. I removed her from the nursing home so she could go to a place better suited to take care of her needs, and eventually move her to NC with me. The nursing home mailed her check to me. Am I allowed to cash it to buy her some new clothes (trach friendly tops, etc) and other basic necessities?



Remember to save all recipts and keep a paper trail. If she is on Medicaid she may be only be allowed about $40 / month of her SS for personal needs. Medicaid will do a claw back
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Yes, if you have POA over her finances as well as her medical.
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