Friend has worked on the force as a police officer for more than 30 years and with intent to be promoted to Sargent in the police force and then at the age of 50 yrs old was forced to retire with a disease similar to Greys disease and now needs help at his home.

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If u mean being paid for. That's between him and u. You need a contract and salary should have IRS taxes and SS deducted. There r homecare agencies in some states that will train you, they pay you to take care of a friend or LO.
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I too am sorry for your friend and the situation. Of course you can help him at his house. It takes a lot out of a person to be a caregiver, but with much prayer and God as your help, anything can be done.
It really depends on your relationship, once you start being a caregiver this relationship will change.
Are you talking about just helping because you care for the person, or are you talking about getting paid to do such?
May God bless.
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So sorry to hear about your friend's condition.
Your question is whether you can help him? Yes, you can. 

But whether you like it or not is a whole can of worms, depending on how much help he needs, how much help you can provide, your health, payment for your service, involvement from his family members if any, stress, burn out, etc.

Just read through a few 100 questions or so posted here by caregivers and you can sample the difficulties caregivers face.
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