My boyfriend is Bi-polar schizophrenic & has synoptic disk in his back. Although he can dress himself & walk he needs alot of help getting off the bed to putting on socks. I do a lot for him from giving him rides to making his appts. There's times I sit up all night with him cause he has psychotic episodes. I want to know if I can be his caretaker even if he's my live-in boyfriend.

Choosing to become a caregiver is a personal choice. There are different reasons why we become caregivers to loved ones. But it is a choice. So yes, you can be your boyfriend's caregiver if you wish.

If you do decide to become his caregiver make sure you have support in place for yourself. Don't hand over your entire life to his caregiving needs. Keep in touch with friends, get out regularly, and don't put all of your financial eggs into his basket. If the caregiving were to end for some reason you need to be able to continue on with your life so don't quit your job or buy a house with him unless your name only is on the deed.
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