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There are two programs that may be of help. First, are either of your parents a veteran? If so, there is a special pension program for all eligible veterans over the age of 65 if they qualify. Do a search for "VA Aid and Attendance" on this site or the web. This is a monthly cash award that can be paid to caregivers, including family members.

Second, there is a Medicaid waiver program called "Cash and Counseling" available in many states which puts the client in control of financial resources and also allows payment to family members.

Lastly, check with your Area Agency on Aging for programs specific to your state and county. There are many services that may offer you relief if not cash.

Good luck!
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If there is federal help, then I'd like to know also! I had searched for financial help and found none. Finally, my mothers social worker spoke with the city caregivers office and they put me on the payroll. For right now, my mom is my only client, but they have a couple more that they are looking for a caregiver for. Other than that, I did find one grant through the state which compensates $500 a year. Which they didn't do last year due to lack of state funds. I know my answer didn't help much, but dig deeper into what your city/state offers!
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