Can I be a paid care giver for my parent if I become self employed?


We currently pay for care for my parent via a care company. Is there any reason that my mother couldn't pay me a salary if I become self employed and she then pays the company?

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She currently pays for her care from her savings
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Scooby, yes your Mother can pay you to be her caregiver. You would need to draw up an employment contract that states what are your chores, how many hours you will work per day, what days off [if any], the hourly rate, and who will be paying the payroll taxes. If for some one you cannot work on one day, will you have someone to be your back-up to help your Mom? You Mom could pay a "payroll processing" company to do the payroll taxes and cut you a check.

You mentioned that "we currently pay", so please verify.... are you and someone else paying for your Mom's care, or did you mean that Mom is paying for her own care?

In order for your Mom to pay the company she is currently using, you would need to be an employee of said company. Thus check to see what is required. Caregiving agencies take a share of the payment and you get the rest. This is for overhead cost, office employees, and workman's comp insurance.
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