My mom is in rehab after falling and breaking her leg and has had some complications recovering, I feel that she needs additional therapy to get to where she can walk better. She’s on Medicare and they only pay 20 days but I was told that she could get it extended if the dr requests it. She refused any at home physical therapy because she thinks they aren’t going to do any good. She told the therapists at the rehab center that myself and my brother were going to be with her every day rotating every week but we both have full time jobs and are both single parents with children under the age of 14. Basically I want to know if she has told them that we are going to be there and we can’t be there because we are at work and she happens to fall again or something happens can we get in trouble for neglect of an elderly person. Neither one of us has told her that we could be there with her 100% of the time but we are both willing to help as much as we can.

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20days is what Medicare pays 100%. If therapy thinks she needs more therapy, Medicare will pay 50% from the 21st to 100 days. The other 50% will be out of pocket for Mom unless her secondary insurance pays fully or partially.

You need to call the therapist and tell her/him that there will be no one to care for Mom. You have no idea where she thought that you and brother would be splitting up weeks but that is not going to happen. You both work and are single parents. You will only be able to check in on her. Tell them she will refuse any home therapy.

Don't let anyone intimidate you. This is how it is. Make no excuses.
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This will be an unsafe discharge. Report her misunderstanding to the Rehab.
Suggest that you won't be able to care for her at all. (Not that you will do all you can).
You are correct, she can benefit from a longer time in rehab.

Correct this early on, or you may become responsible for Mom's care.
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I agree with Daughterof1930 that you need to inform the rehab that what your mom told them was not correct. Then you need to discuss with your brother what you are willing and able to do, and make a schedule and present it to your mom so she knows what and who to expect every day. You must impress upon your mom that if she doesn't cooperate or do her at-home exercises, her doctor won't continue to order the PT for her because there's no point. Discuss with her what ADLs are and that if she wants to remain at home and as independent as possible for as long as possible, it is very important she faithfully participates in the therapy. The older we get the slower our rehab progress is, so just have tempered hopes and expectations.
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Call the rehab place and let them know your mother does not have help at home, be sure a nurse or social worker knows this. You aren’t going to be termed neglectful, many people go home unadvisedly
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