The state appointed my mom a G/C without my knowledge. She was incorrectly deemed incompetent and moved to a nursing home. She's in CO I live and own my home in FL. Can I be conservator of my mom still and brother who lives in CO be her guardian? The G/C is denying us the right to even speak to her or see her and they have changed the locks to her home and started selling off her personal belongings. This is a nightmare and I want to protect my mom. She is far from incompetent this is ridiculous and I need some answers to fight this.

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The fact that no one showed up for the hearing made the decision. Especially, something like this, the court cannot delay a decision that is meant to protect a vulnerable adult. If you were not officially notified of the hearing, call an elder law attorney to find out what options may be open to you. If there is any history of criminal activities, that is an automatic disqualifier for guardianship or conservatorship.
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Adult Protective Services was notified of something that happened that I still don't know actually happened to raise a red flag on my mom. Only my brother was notified I was not in any way shape or form contacted about any of this. My brother was the one that told me abour the hearing and he said he was going. He said my mom wasnt feeling well that day and he couldnt get out of work or he'd lose his job which I find hard to believe but either way he asked the women from Adult Protective Services for an extension on the court date and she denied it. No one showed up I live in a FL and did not find out until nearly a month after when I started receiving court docs in regards to my moms new guardians and conservator which was NOT my brother. I literally had no say so in this and that does not sound legal when I am her daughter and of sound ind and financially capable to care for her and take over conservator-ship. Does any of that make a difference or give me rights as her daughter?
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By law, I am in CO, it is required that children be notified of a guardianship hearing. Course if mom expressed to them she wanted the assignments made they would also be required, by law, to abide by mom's wishes.

Something else must be going on here.
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