My husband and I moved in 8 and 1/2 years ago we moved into my mother's home in order to care for her in the last three years. She did not drive so she needed us to take her wish need to go and my husband quit his job in order to stay home with her 24 hours a day and care for her. Now my sister who is POA has moved her into a long-term facility and is selling her house. Are they going to be able to evict me immediately or am I going to get the 90 days or so in which to find somewhere else to go and can I be compensated for all the time I put in taking care of my mother for the last eight and a half years?

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I agree with Joann, it's too late now. Chances are the family will need to use the money from the equity in the house to pay for your Mother's care in long-term-care.

I believe the majority of family caregiver do not know that they would have needed to prepare an Employment Agreement with their parent so the parent can pay them, if the parent has such funds. That way if Medicaid [which is different from Medicare] is needed later down the road, the salary paid would not be considered as "gifts" to the family caregiver. I know, this is all so complex :P

Time to have a family meeting with your sister to find out what are the plans regarding the house. I would think it would be only fair for your sister to give you some time to find a new place to live, or for you to stay in the house until it sold. Again, if funds are needed to pay for your Mom's care, time is of the essence.
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Sorry, no. This should have been determined when you moved in.
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