Please help me. Thank you.

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You aren’t entitled to veterans benefits as an ex spouse. You won’t be able to get assistance through the VA.
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Check your local county housing authority, inquire about Section 8 apartments for seniors. There are many programs that help low income seniors. Good Luck!
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Being married for 20 years entitles you to draw a wife's SS benefit. If you also worked you are entitled to a SS benefit based on your own wages. Some women choose to draw on the lower benefit level at 62 or 66 (full retirement age) and then switch to the higher benefit at age 70 to maximize their SS benefits.

Contact your local Area Agency on Aging (AAA) and ask for their help finding housing. In my state, your memory issues and diabetes combined would probably qualify you for a Medicaid AL wavier because you need help with medication management, but other states have different rules. There may be senior apartments available for 30% of your monthly income.

When did you sell your house? What did you do with those funds? Medicaid has a five year look back for any large "gifts", so if you gave money from the home sale to your children that may impact your Medicaid qualification.

AAA can also help you find a senior center program and free or low cost transportation services to the senior center and to your other appointments. Getting out and socializing with others can be fun and very beneficial to your health. Many senior centers have some kind of exercise program too, even if its only walking and stretching it can help a lot. A lot of senior centers serve breakfast and lunch and it's much nicer to eat with others than alone.

In my area Walmart has started a grocery delivery service for $12 a month or $100 a year. In addition to groceries you can get almost all the personal household supplies you need delivered with your groceries. What you cannot get delivered with groceries, Walmart will still ship to your home. Some grocery stores are also providing delivery services too.

You can have a happier life living in your own apartment using transportation services for trips to a senior center and other appointments and delivery services to reduce or eliminate your driving needs. You can have your own space and your own life with your own friends while still visiting with your kids and grandchildren.
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I'm very sorry to read some parts of the description you've posted on your profile page. You live with your son and his family, and it's not going so well - is that about right?

I looked up your town online and the first thing I came across was this:

The page is about a center for seniors - which sounds great, actually! :) - but I realise that's not exactly what you were looking for. Only it might be a really good place for you to start. There will be people there you can talk to about your situation, and who can give you advice about where to find the right kind of help.

You're also very welcome here, of course. This forum is a good, safe place for you to share anything that's worrying you.
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