I have Durable Power of Attorney for my father and he receives SSD benefits. Can I apply for taxes (1040A) on his behalf?

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You can file taxes for your father, and sign the returns for him under your power of attorney. You will need to attach the power of attorney to the tax return. If possible, you should use the IRS power of attorney form 2848, and the equivalent for your state taxes. This is a POA specifically for tax filing. You can attach a general POA instead, but you run the risk of the IRS and/or state not accepting it.
I have to pay $4,250 a month for 24/7 care for my Mom. Her and I share a bank account. Can I claim any of the home care for Mom on my income tax as I am contributing 1/2 of her care? I am also freaking out as we are going thru all the money she has in the bank for this care
My father past away five year ago he was very sick and I had to care for him for about 10 years, know my mother is sick and not able to care for her self do they pay a family member for the care of their parents
I brought my mother to live with me since she can no longer live alone with Dementia. If she moved in on November,2013 can I claim her on my taxes?
My mother was diagnosed with Dementia and Psychosis after her husband passed away in August of 2013. I have health care POA and financial POA for my Mom; however, she refused to come to live with me in Arizona so I had no choice but to put her in an nursing home in Missouri. Since here memory has declined I was hoping to bring her down to AZ closer to me to keep an eye on her but her health has also declined. It is too expensive to have professionals bring her down her......whether flying or driving.....flying over $12,000 and driving about $7,000. Any suggestions?
recently took my parents out of an assisted living facility, put money on first last and security deposit for a house my husband and I are doing their 24 hour care. Do we claim them on our taxes or do their taxes seperately since they lived in that facility all of last year I assume they file theirs, but continuing forward can we claim them on ours.
Why did you take them out of assisted living with Alzheimer's? My dad has Alzheimer's and Parkinson's and lives at home with three caregivers for 8 hour shifts 24/7. Ya'll have taken on a major challenge for 2 people to do 24/7 care for two elderly parents, plus continuing to nurture your marriage so it survives the extra pressure that caregiving brings upon a marriage. Just remember that 1/3 of caregivers die before the person they are caring for. You just may regret this decision.

My biggest question is did they pay for assisted living or did you?

As far as 2014 goes, it all depends on their being able to pass the dependency test which includes things like the amount of income they earn in a year and are they dependent upon you for providing over half of what they need for living in assisted living.

If they do not pass the dependency test, then they will need to file their on taxes or have someone prepare their taxes for them which you as their POA will need to do anyway. If they are paid their own way, then they can take the cost of the assisted living and other medical expenses as a deduction on their own tax return.

Here is one article about claiming parents as dependents from this site. There are other threads here that address this specific concern that you can find by using the search site box in the upper right had corner of this page.


I wish you well with this. Let us know how things turn out.

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