Can financial POA request that a facility not share any information regarding the mom and her care?



Answer, no medical POA covers Moms care. If you have that then yes you can request no one other than Mom and you receives health info. Unless Mom is able to list people she would like to know. There is a medical form where for billing purposes to Medicare and insurance that certain info has to be given so facility can get paid.
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Marls, typically a care facility will include authorization to share information as necessary in order to get reimbursement for care. Otherwise, the care would have to be private pay.

Are you concerned about some other type of information being shared, especially in today's environment when so much is shared online? When I've signed admission papers, I always add exclusion for sharing information with social media, specifically Facebook, or for marketing or publicity purposes. Many facilities do use photos and possibly other information for marketing, whether it's online or for in-site use.
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Financial POA does not include authority over medical matters. Of course the POA can "request" anything from the facility, but that doesn't mean the facility has to comply.

Does someone have Medical POA (healthcare proxy)?

Here is an AgingCare article that may help you understand the responsibilities and limits:
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