So I got the certifications from physicians, got the springing POA effective. My grandmother on a more lucid day got very upset. She's asking for another relative, that the entire family is on bad terms with, to get it changed.

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You have the certifications from the doctors that got the springing POA active which means that your grandmother is not competent to change her mind and give it to someone else. That other relative needs to be informed of this in order to clear up the confusion.
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Your grandmother can have anyone she wants as POA, and change her mind daily, IF she is competent to make her own legal decisions.

Has she ever been judged incompetent by the court system? Do you think she would be? I guess that is the key question. Another family member or friend cannot have it nullified, but (maybe) Grandma can.

Can you wait for another lucid day and have a heart-to-heart with Grandma and clear up any painful issues between you? Having her realize that you are acting in her best interests might be the easiest solution. After all, she picked you in the first place.
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