My father (73) is an alcoholic with moderate dementia and delusions. How long can he be held at a rehab facility?


Can he just walk out? My sister has a POA and we are trying to find out what we have to do to get him in someplace permanently. He has been deemed a danger to himself by the hospital psychiatrist. He is in denial about his addiction and is demanding to go home. My sister and I are not sure what to do next. Can anyone please point us in the right direction so my dad gets the care he needs?

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He's still in the hospital? Get a social worker involved. Tell the nurse that you'd like to see a social worker.

You might also want to think about gaining guardianship over your dad. For this you'd need to consult with an attorney.
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Hi Elizabeth
There is more government funding for addictions than for mental conditions so perhaps he can stay longer but that is usually less than a month. Ask your dads dr what their plan is. Does your sister have MPOA as well? physciatrist may not give you specific information but they can speak in generalities and they are allowed ( legally) to ask family members questions if it will help them treat their patient.
Is your dad refusing treatment? Sometimes the dr will seek a court order to force treatment but that would only extend his stay a few days if it is even approved. I hope you find help for your dad. Take extreme care of yourself and your sister. Don't give up. Some people drink for a long time and then stop. Sadly it may be a long wait. Go to Alanon for support if you haven't already. My understanding is that he can leave once all the legal maneuvers are gone through at the rehab. Hopefully he can sober up and make better decisions for himself. Good luck.
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