Can doctors require an Alzheimer's patient to stay in an assisted living facility?


My sister's husband (age 86) has Alzheimer's Disease and is not capable of caring for himself. My sister (age 80) can no longer care for him because her health is failing and has been hospitalized 4 times in the last year. They eat very little. He may have a nutrition drink and she a piece of bread ALL DAY. Both refuse to move to Assisted Living even though they can afford it. Can their doctor declare they can no longer live by themselves and recommend Assisted Living?



Yes, but I would say this has to be a group effort, and perhaps they need more than Assisted Living, especially if Brother in Law has dementia. He may need a step up from AL and need Memory Care. You can’t tie them up and force them into AL. You may want to schedule an “intervention “ so to speak, with them and other family members at the doctor’s office. Or st least check out Home Heslth Care for them. Then they can stay in their home.
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