I have POA for my mother. . Because he doesn't like we live in rv? Her bad care caused her to be put in hospital. The dr called adult protective services because she is being discharged tomorrow and is trying to force me to put her back there. I want her to come home . A different hospital caused her to a brain virus go untreated which caused seizures and a possible stroke. She still can't speak and has a tube. I can take care of her at home but he won't let me. He is refusing to let me take her home. I have a poa on her since 3/16/10. He is trying to force me to put her back in horrible nursing home. She was only supposed to go there for rehab but they trying to keep her and take her check. Can he do that she is in no danger by going home I've been told by nurses I could do what they do with her tube

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Missb - you start by saying that your Mom's bad care required her to be hospitalized. Where did that happen - at home with you or at another facility? If she became sick or debilitated while living at home then the doctor's concern is understandable.

The doctor is looking out for the best interests of his patient. He doesn't stand to gain by having her in a nursing home. Doctors don't usually get involved with adult protective services unless there's a pretty good reason.

That said, once APS steps in, you're fighting an uphill battle. I don't know what their legal limits are, but most likely the courts and law enforcement will back up their decisions, because again, they tend not to spend tax money fighting a case unless they think there's something to fight over.

It sounds like you may be dependent on your Mom's monthly income to cover your own expenses. If that's the situation, you need help too. But maybe the best help is not to have your mother come back home with you.
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