Mom is 99 years old, bedridden, severely immobile, has a weak immune system and late stage Alzheimer’s. She requires 24 hour care and supervision. Dentures are loose but dentist said new dentures wouldn’t be a better fit given deterioration (flattening) of gums. Not sure if an infection is more likely the culprit rather than dentures.

Tkd123, for myself, I found dairy products would cause a coughing phlegm type problem.

Oh, dust also caused a similar issue. Dust likes to hide on the carpet/floor behind the headboard of the bed.
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My 103-yr old Aunt has a phlegmy reaction sometimes when she eats lunch or dinner -- to the point we have to have a pail next to her so she can clear it before continuing to eat. It is a lot of phlegm and it exhausts her. We've started to give her Mucinex and it seems to help BUT I wouldn't do in your Mom's case without consulting her doctor and discounting the other serious issues already mentioned by others. It could also be a gag reflex from her now ill-fitting dentures...
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Yes at this stage I don't think its the dentures. Your Mom may not be able to swallow anymore. Need to get her to a doctor for a swallow test. It could be she is transitioning. Hospice may need to be brought in.
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Do you notice the cough more when she is eating or a short time later? If so it may not be the dentures but she may be aspirating food and fluids.
I would consult her doctor it is possible that her food needs to be pureed and liquids thickened.
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